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Unionise Samsworths launch.jpg

Unionise Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brother’s owes its success to Leicester and its workers. It wouldn’t be a successful, billion-pound company without the people who make its pies and pastries.

And it should give back to those workers by paying them a proper, living wage. 

We demand that Samworth Brother’s workers:

– Are paid the living wage

– Are given full sick pay 

– Are allowed to join the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) as their recognised trade union


As a big business, Samworth Brother’s sets the standard for other Leicester employers. If their workers win, it becomes easier for everyone to fight for better pay and conditions.

And if they are allowed to get away with unfair practices during a pandemic, everyone suffers.  

Support Samworth Brother’s workers and tell their bosses to give them a fair slice of the pie

If you work in the food sector, join the Bakers, Food and Allied Worker's Union (BFAWU) to get representation, advice and have a stronger voice in the workplace. 

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Check out our Rally for Food Workers held in Leicester on Sunday 19th June with Jeremy Corbyn MP. 

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