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The Campaign

Samworth Brothers has a turnover of over a billion pounds. Yet it doesn't pay its workers enough to live on, give full sick pay or recognise a trade union.


That’s why we – the Baker’s Union and the Peace and Justice Project, proudly supported by local trades councils – are organising this campaign alongside workers and the community in Leicester to tell Samworth Brothers bosses that they need to give their workers a fair slice of the pie. 


Who are Samworth Brothers?

Read: A Baker’s Union write up of a 2016 debate in the House of Commons debate on their workers’ pay at Bradgate bakery (with a clip to the debate).

Samworth Brothers is multi-million pound company employing over 10,000 workers making a range of products including Ginsters, Soreen and West Cornwall pasties as well as sandwiches for Tescos and other retailers. 

Check out our chart below and see if your favourite brand is owned by Samworth Brothers and next time you grab a sandiwhc, have a think if its made by a worker at Samworth Brothers. 

This year, the company's profits rose to £29.6million after recording revenues of £1.16billion. Yet workers don't get full sick pay - let's change that. 

The family behind Samworth Brothers also donated thousands of pounds to the conservative party.  Read more here.

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The Bakers Union

The Bakers Union represents workers in the food industry, including manufacturing and industrial workers. 

Everyone in the UK has the right to join a trade union for the protection of their interests at work.


It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for joining a union or taking part in union activities or campaigns.

You have a legal right to be represented at work in any greivance or disciplinary hearing. 

#BFAWU provides this and many other services to its members free of charge

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