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22nd April

Rally for Food Workers, Callington

As part of our  Unionise Ginsters campaign we're holding a rally to hear how workers can win fair pay, improved conditions and trade union recogntiion.  With Sarah Woolley and Jeremy Corbyn MP. 

Register here.

ginsters rally post twitter.jpeg

Past Events

8th April

Leafleting in Callington

24th January 

Workers meeting in Leicester

26th November 

Leafleting in Callington

29th October 

Leafleting in Callington

We'll be out speaking to workers outside Ginsters factories in Callington, Cornwall about the Unionise Samworth Brothers campaign. Click here to share on social media.


Rally for Food Workers, Leicester

On Sunday 19th June, we held our Rally for Food Workers hearing from speakers including Jeremy Corbyn, Sarah Woolley, Kumaran Bose about how together can win union recognition and better pay at Samworth Brothers. 

Watch the rally below, sign the petition, help spread the word and together let’s Unionise Samworth Brothers!

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